Why choose Harmony Training & Development?

We believe all employees deserve to feel safe and productive at work and are here to help assure that in your organization.
We possess the expertise and sensitivity to approach vulnerable issues in a confidential and respectful manner.
Being well versed in the legal framework related to violence and harassment, assures that all of the legislated requirements are understood and communicated through our training, giving attendee's the skills to prepare effective prevention plans meeting COR requirements.
We practice corporate social responsibility by allocating a portion of our company resources to protection and safety of domestic violence survivors and their families.

What organizations do you serve?

We work with HR professionals, Health and Safety professionals and business leaders.  No organization is too big or too small for us to work with. We will consult with you to determine a training strategy that suits your situation.

Where are your services located?

We are based out of the Edmonton, Alberta area and travel to other regions and rural communities as requested. 

What are the costs for training?

Cost is dependent on the size of the organization, the number of training components you are interested in and whether you want an interactive workshop, a seminar or lecture. Contact us for a free consultation to assess your situation and offer a personalized proposal to meet your needs: 780-460-1019 or email info@harmonytraining.ca