Mental Health and Work

Posted on Wednesday January 30, 2019 at 09:21AM

By: Ruthann Weeks, CIRS
Founder: Harmony Training & Development

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On this Mental Health Awareness day made famous by Bell Media #Letstalk, I reflect on how to best approach the issues related to creating positive workplace environments that contribute to health and well-being.

Morneau Shepell released results of a study that indicates that although overall workplace stress levels are higher for both employees and managers over five years ago, the sense of stigma that is associated with mental health issues has declined.

Stressors are manifesting both from work and personal issues. A increased feeling of isolation in the workplace is contributing to the stress levels with 64% of employees and 73% of managers reporting a high level of workplace isolation.

"Organizations are beginning to recognize that prioritizing mental health support has a positive impact on their bottom line," said Paula Allen, vice president, research and integrative solutions. "A mentally healthy workplace goes hand-in-hand with a productive one. We found that to be successful, there are a number of emotional and organizational factors contributing to positive mental health in the workplace, including freedom from harassment, positive relationships and control over an employees' day-to-day job and workload."

Smart business is taking a proactive approach to creating a workplace environment and culture that embraces respect, inclusion and intolerance to toxic behaviours. Creating an environment where employees can be vulnerable, openly discuss issues that affect them and support one another as they do work, and life together is good practice.

Harmony Training & Development works with business and industry to create tailored, comprehensive prevention plans, policies and procedures, related to workplace psychological safety and social well-being. We are in the business of addressing toxicity in the workplace as it effects the mental health of the average worker through training for staff and coaching for supervisors and human resource managers.

Effective policies distributed successfully to trained employees in an organization with comprehensive, practiced and practical procedures, goes a long way to mitigating risk and proving the due diligence of an employer.

Harmony Training & Development is a social enterprise offering workplace assessment, training, prevention planning, and coaching tailored to business and industry.
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